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The strength of your plan is in the details.

The success of large and small projects alike depends on the details. Without an appropriate level of detail, some projects might still be successful. But others might be doomed.

Everyone has gifts and abilities. For some, it's high-level management. For others, it's on-site physical labor. And for some, it's in the details. Making sure every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed. And cross checked. And quality checked. And tested.

The phrase "careful attention to detail" is common in job postings. But ensuring that work plans have the appropriate and correct level of detail is dependent upon the competency in the work planners.

Level 5 and level 6 planning doesn't require a senior estimator or project controls specialist. But it does require competent, disciplined, careful work planners. Excellence in execution will come from the proper documentation in your work plans.

PSG has work planners available to help you. Using the services of our work control specialists, you'll have the strong work plans you need to proceed with confidence. Our consultants will take care of the work plan details, so you can focus on the higher levels of detail like staying on budget and on schedule. Together, we'll ensure your project is successful and efficient.

Importance of work plans
When there's an urgent situation, not having the information you need for immediate reference can delay work. But having no information at all is sometimes better than finding out too late that the information you do have is outdated, not approved or just plain incorrect.

PSG's work planners will make sure the information included in your work packages contains only the most current procedures for your organization. Our work control specialists will ensure that any references to procedures or processes are prepared and released in full compliance with and accordance with your internal control processes.

With PSG, your work packages will be sound and reliable:

all technical procedure references will be included, complete and correct.
any supplemental information will be included, complete and approved.
all work activities and procedures will have passed review and approval by the appropriate staff.
procedure validations will be performed as appropriate.
procedure revision controls will be employed.

Specialized disciplines
Work planning requires both generalists and specialists at times, and we have who you need. PSG's professional staff includes well-rounded mechanical, electrical and I&C workers with varying levels of experience who will be appropriately selected based on project complexity.

We also have work planning consultants available for specific types of construction, design engineering and operations projects. For example, if you're developing work plans for a construction project, PSG can provide an experienced heavy welder, such as an ex-foreman, who truly understands all welding issues. For a bridge or dam, we can provide someone with heavy civil experience.

Our consultants know state and local codes and will quickly learn and embrace your internal approval and quality processes.

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