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Measuring a facility's physical fitness.

If you could avoid costly repairs next year by performing minor maintenance this year, would you do it? Of course. But you need to have a clear picture of your building's current condition.

Mother nature can be unkind. Much of the damage she imposes doesn't make headlines, though. It's often unnoticed until it's unsafe or irreversible. Damage can come from faulty equipment or substandard construction, too.

How can you efficiently keep up with the condition of your buildings? A dedicated facilities staff is a luxury not everyone can afford. Even those who can afford it still need to hire specialists on occasion.

Let PSG be your source for survey and inspection services. We will provide independent repair and replacement recommendations, estimate roof and building longevity for planning purposes, enhance the performance of your facility and reduce your operating costs.

Roof Surveys and Recommendations
Whether a roof is new or not-so-new, it's important to know its exact condition. We help property management firms, multi-site businesses such as hotel and restaurant chains, school systems, government agencies and insurance companies track, manage and maintain their roofing inventories.

We're a trusted and independent partner who can help you determine the best course of action when it comes to inspecting, repairing, maintaining and improving your roofs.

Have your roof surveyed regularly in order to establish its replacement value and current condition. A history of regular surveys and proof of timely and proper maintenance will help you recover the most you can in the case of wind and storm damage.

Façade Surveys and Recommendations
Your building's façade makes a critical first impression. But even normal deterioration can present an unsafe situation for pedestrians and neighboring structures.

PSG's façade survey specialists can inspect the stability and deterioration of your façade, and prioritize recommendations based on potential safety risks. Anything considered unsafe will be brought to your attention immediately. We can also provide post-repair re-inspection and verification to give you complete peace of mind.

Building Inspections
Whether you already own it or are considering purchasing it, a building inspection can be one of the best investments you make.

PSG's staff can perform a defect diagnosis and develop a thorough report on the condition of your entire building, including:

HVAC systems
concrete and masonry
steel construction
site work
environment and hazardous materials
foundations and structures
water, water supply, wells
insulation and ventilation
safety hazards
plumbing and septic systems
failure diagnosis
energy conservation
seismic/earthquake construction
site work
building codes and standards
steel construction

Your needs will always come first. When PSG is inspecting public areas, we'll minimize disruption to your customers or tenants.

Bid Document Preparation
Combining PSG's survey and inspection services with our top-of-the-line cost engineering services will help you prepare your repair bids or purchase offers confidently, or compare bids you've received carefully to be sure you're going to get what you need.

We'll work in any format required, from basic spreadsheets to advanced software programs. We'll also work with you during negotiations, serving as an advocate and representing your best interests.

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