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A smart solution for securing supplemental skilled staff.

Resignation. Retirement. Relocation. FMLA leave. Injury. Illness. Vacation. Internal transfer.
Or just a fast-approaching deadline that you can't miss.


Your best project manager just announced that she's retiring. The joy you have in your heart is quickly overcome by the panic in your mind. How will you ever replace her in time to meet upcoming deadlines?

If this scenario were included in your organization's disaster recovery plan, PSG would be mentioned by name.

We can supplement your work force with technical professionals at all levels that possess the exact experience, skills, education, licenses and certifications your organization needs for success.

PSG has talented staff available for assignment right now, in any discipline and at any experience and educational level, no matter how specialized your requirement is or how scarce the resources are. We have who and what you need. Yes, even you.

PSG's staff support services enable you to add or remove staff as needed, avoiding the delays and high costs associated with recruiting, hiring and retaining new employees with specialized skills.

With PSG, you'll have fast access to the best professionals in your industry, pay only for the services you use, avoid layoffs and adapt to changing market conditions and business needs quickly.

Urgent and immediate needs
With PSG as your source for all types of staffing needs, you can respond quickly to any demand. Whether you have a short-term (less than one month) or long-term (longer than six months) position to fill, for a specialist or a jack-of-all-trades, PSG makes it easy for you, removing the risks related to hiring new staff and enabling you to achieve your goals.

PSG is the perfect solution for your specialized staffing needs. Our experts possess the certifications, experience and interpersonal skills to accommodate even the most unique assignments and environments.

So, you want someone who's worked at your project site before? We've got it. Someone with DOE "Q" clearance? We've got it. A junior level tech for a not-so-glorious assignment? We've got it. Someone willing to temporarily relocate? We've got it.

The service behind the staffing
PSG provides our clients with a very valuable service. We locate experienced and qualified job candidates from all around the country. We carefully review how well their capabilities and strengths align with your needs, and we present you with only those candidates who meet the profile you establish.

You won't need to sift through dozens of resumes for candidates who are not qualified. We prescreen each of them to verify that they meet the requirements and to ensure that they're interested in your position.

So when you call us with a resource need, we will immediately identify highly qualified prospective personnel who have already expressed an interest in working with your organization.

But what about the cost?
There are numerous reasons so many organizations like yours rely on staff support from a trusted partner like PSG. But it seems as though there's only one reason they decline: cost.

What if the cost of staff support was more reasonable than you believe it to be? What if it was even comparable to the cost of recruiting, hiring, training and retaining an in-house employee? Surprise — it usually is.

PSG offers extremely competitive rates considering the highly specialized nature of the professionals we provide. For you, the elimination of the cost of benefits and social charges, the elimination of turnover costs and delays, and the measurable benefit of getting on track as soon as possible bring the cost of staff support to where it is truly comparable to direct employee hiring.

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