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Where wisdom and technology meet.

Synchronize your projects, resources, deliverables and goals for maximum efficiency.

Whether you're managing a complex program or the simplest task, one unanticipated deviation from your plan – however small – can have enormous and unrecoverable consequences. One careful adjustment can keep you on track. One creative enhancement can present benefits beyond your highest expectations.

The art of being realistic – that is, not too pessimistic and not too optimistic – when planning and scheduling is challenging. There's the survival instinct that leads many to "pad" their plans and schedules to guarantee the perception of budget and schedule success. And there's the ambitious motivation that leads others to carelessly disregard potential setbacks and jeopardize everything in the process. Neither is suitable when the stakes are high.

Your most aggressive project goals can be achieved with PSG. Our planning and scheduling professionals will help you prevent a negative and growing ripple effect in your projects. They can help you recover from problems that quickly spiraled out of control. And they can help you perfect your preparations to realize even the loftiest goals.

Useful automation…not useless information
Planning and scheduling techniques continue to change with every new version of software made available. But software advancements too frequently result in "information overload" — when the level of detail and quantity of information being generated surpasses your ability to absorb and effectively analyze the subsequent information.

PSG's experts have used virtually every scheduling processor available and know the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of each. They also possess solid technical understanding of your project because they've worked on similar projects. When these are combined, the benefits to you are accuracy and adaptability, from the highest level of corporate planning down to daily facility work activity scheduling.

PSG's experts apply their experience and judgment while using the latest software tools available including Primavera (P3, P3e, P3e/c, P5, P6), Teamplay, Microsoft Project, Primavera SureTrak and many other applications. They'll integrate your plans with best practice management processes. They'll help you succeed.

Why engage a professional?
With the many planning and scheduling computer programs available today – including programs with pre-loaded tasks and deliverables for many project types – anyone can plan out a project and create a schedule. Then it's just up to the rest of the team to stick to it, right?

The worst thing you can do during a project – particularly early on – is create unreasonable expectations and set yourself, your project team and your entire organization up for failure. PSG's clients select us to help them solve problems before they happen by planning appropriately and scheduling wisely.

And the benefits of using PSG's planning and scheduling services include more than just preventing or avoiding project delays. The combined expertise of our professionals who have worked on projects just like yours, in an industry just like yours and for clients just like yours will help realistically present what needs to happen while also presenting what's likely to happen. We'll ensure that the delicate balance of accomplishing everything on time and maintaining maximum budget and resource efficiency while managing risk and guaranteeing quality is masterfully maintained throughout your project.

Independent or integrated services
Planning and scheduling services are integrated and included in many of the services we provide such as project control, construction management and program and project management.

Even if we're providing only planning and scheduling services for a specific single project, we can bring additional value to you. After we help set your project or program's parameters, we can integrate them with other areas of your organization as needed, maximizing the efficiency of your resources across multiple projects and project teams.

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