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You don't just need it done. You need results.

To win, you can't just play; you must execute flawlessly. While watching the clock. While playing defense, too. And while preparing for the next 2 seasons at the same time.

Too often project managers just manage in order to finish their projects. That is, they manage tasks, subtasks, financials and schedules. But finishing a project is not enough. Scoring a goal doesn't mean you've won.

Where do you need to be after your next project is completed? Is your project manager aware of that? Does he know what it's going to take to get the results you need?

PSG's professionals are in the business of managing outcomes and results, not just managing projects. We can help you manage with a microscope, telescope and periscope.

Anticipate and adjust
PSG manages and integrates all aspects of major engineering, construction or administrative projects or programs to not only achieve the project's objectives, but also align with your organization's objectives.

Our project management services include tracking and measuring project performance, maintaining control of contract scope changes, reviewing and revising project risk elements and accurately predicting the profitability. We continually monitor project performance and anticipate what lies ahead in order to proactively adjust instead of reactively change.

Synch or sink
Effective program management requires synchronization of multiple defined projects over an extended yet limited period of time - usually several years. Large program efforts can share resources across multiple projects or may require dedicated resources to particular projects.

Successful program management requires the ability to consistently and methodically define, coordinate, standardize and manage the life cycle of multiple projects simultaneously, and to know how the life cycle of each project potentially impacts the rest of the program.

PSG's program management professionals will help you manage your program's projects as integrated business units rather than discrete individual projects, ultimately reaching your desired and required results.

Experience you can trust

Our experience lets you rely on PSG to:

Understand and correctly interpret your project objectives and resource or operational limitations.
Prepare comprehensive project plans and budgets to achieve those objectives.
Negotiate and administer contracts for all elements of work.
Review and recommend contractor plans and cost projections.
Monitor and report actual vs. planned progress toward project or program objectives.
Review and recommend contractor invoices for payment.
Liaise between owners and contractors.
Represent owners before applicable regulatory authorities.
Develop EVMS criteria and processes.

PSG's project and program management professionals will help you achieve the specific results you need.

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