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Our only interest is your best interest.

If you're an owner, you want PSG on your A-list: we'll be your advisor, advocate, assistant, agent, ambassador, activist and ally.
And at times, your guardian angel.

Owners from the smallest of enterprises to the largest of boardrooms entrust few people to make mission-critical business decisions in their place. These select few are the owner's trusted advisors, acting on their behalf in key decisions.

Unlike a general contractor or design professional whose fiduciary responsibility is to their employer, an owner's representative is an extension of the owner and solely represents the owner's interest.

To avoid costly construction errors and post-construction issues, an owner's representative must act through the owner's eyes serving as facilitator, mediator, general counsel and general contractor. The representative must ensure that all stakeholders are focused on the project, communicating effectively and working toward the common goal.

As owner's representative, PSG's staff will be your delegate. We'll find out what your project and business goals are, and make sure your desired outcomes are achieved. We know that your organization's reputation, credibility and profitability are at stake, and ours are too.

PSG can identify, assess and recommend contractors and design firms that have the resources and experience necessary for your project, or we can work with your in-house staff and any contractors you've already selected. Throughout the project, we will make recommendations on engineering, design and scope, contract issues, budget and actual cost status, proposed changes, schedule changes, project extensions and problem resolution.

The right experience
You can count on PSG to provide highly experienced personnel to protect your significant capital investments. PSG has assembled the best talent in the industry, with hundreds of years of collective experience in design, construction and project management. Based on your specific requirements, we will identify high-caliber resources that perfectly align with your needs. Inherent in our approach is our commitment to total quality management.

So, what are you constructing? Whether it's a high-rise office building, a mixed-use complex, a performing arts center or a nuclear power plant - or anything else - we have just the right professionals available to help you.

Types of services
As owner's representative on your project, PSG can:

operate under your objectives and management criteria for the project.
represent you at meetings and make sure your interests are paramount.
act as your fiduciary agent during contractor assessment and selection, contract negotiations and throughout all facets of the project's life.
act as a liaison with the all project members including internal and external resources.
ensure that all potential project-related issues are addressed and that each member of the project team is aware of their role in resolving them.
communicate all changes to the project team consistently and effectively.
provide suggestions that could improve the design or reduce your costs.
make site visits to maintain the project schedule and progress.
facilitate resolution of conflicts with contractors to avoid costly delays and arbitration.
negotiate effective contracts with designers and contractors.
provide contractors with the information, decisions and services they need in order to do their work.
monitor the performance of designers and contractors to ensure they're meeting their contractual obligations.
initiate corrective actions when necessary to achieve your objectives.
manage site access and security issues.
develop performance criteria.
critically analyze contractor progress reports and alert you to any potential problems.

Levels of service
PSG can provide owner's representative services at varying levels. Based on your needs, you decide how much involvement and decision-making authority we will have.

Advise - PSG provides advice to you through verbal dialogue and Q&A sessions. Although we provide valuable input, this level of service does not include active participation in the project. We can be engaged at any time during your project.

Monitor/Review - PSG still advises, but in a more active role. Communication is based on our first-hand observations and review of reports, records and other documents. Again, we can be engaged at any time during your project.

Assist/Support - PSG takes a more active role in communicating with other parties associated with the project. At this level, PSG does not take primary responsibility for the preparation of reports, records or other documents. Although we can be engaged at any time, it's best to engage us early in order to maintain consistency throughout the project.

Perform - PSG provides the fullest level of service, and assumes primary responsibility for performing given activities. For optimal results, it's best to engage us as early as possible.

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