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Increasing energy demands vs. shrinking workforce.

When it costs around $1 million per day, can you afford anything but a smooth, safe and efficient event?

In the increasingly competitive energy market, skyrocketing production costs compete against safety and governmental controls for attention, and you must meet increased demand with ageing facilities and an ageing workforce.

And that's just the day-to-day challenge. Scheduled outages, not to mention completing them on-time and within budget, can get lost in the shuffle. And that can get expensive.

Outage managers agree that long range planning and proper management for scheduled outages is critical to starting and completing required refurbishing projects on time and within budget. Outages are impacted by changes in technology, changes in governmental regulations and repairs, which all need to be absorbed and minimized in order to be fiscally and environmentally responsible.

This requires focused and qualified professionals, with specialized experience in outage management. You can count on PSG's consultants to quickly integrate into your scheduled outage plan and see the project through to its successful end.

Using the services of PSG's experienced and licensed professionals - including licensed reactor operators and senior reactor operators - for your planned outages allows you to focus on the demands of day-to-day operations. We will help contain your budget and schedule, not add to it.

Strained Human Resources
Industry changes – particularly improvements in efficiency – during the 80s and 90s resulted in fewer power plant personnel being recruited and hired. Increasing the staff levels and retaining key employees were not major concerns during these decades. Human resources staff were proportionately reduced as well.

From the late 90s through today, as the facilities and the workforce age, energy demands have increased nationally and globally. A great percentage of the experienced workforce is about to retire, causing an additional burden on those trying to fill the typical level of vacancies from turnover or newly created positions. Many human resources teams are able to meet the needs of their plant’s day-to-day online operations but simply cannot afford to shift their focus to the special needs of a scheduled outage.

PSG can help. We have professionals who exclusively specialize in outage management projects. Our specialists understand not only current technology, but also how ageing facilities integrate with new technologies. They'll draw from their national and global experience on outages and apply their knowledge and expertise to make your project a success.

PSG's senior personnel can quickly identify fundamental weaknesses in an outage program and provide specific recommendations to resolve those weaknesses. They will assist you in critical workforce planning to ensure timely and safe planned outage completions.

Specialized Experience
Depending on the specific needs of your plant and your outage, we'll provide services in the following areas:

Outage optimization including schedule, budget and resources.
Scope development and control.
Regulatory and technical requirements.
Safety and risk management.
Work activity estimating, data development, planning and scheduling.
Planning for all activities and hazards, prior to and throughout the outage.
Best practices in planning and preparation, execution and post-outage analysis and review.

Our experts are experienced in the software tools commonly used in the power industry, including:

- Primavera P3
- P3e
- P3e/c
- SureTrak
- Teamplay
- Microsoft Project

Work management:
- Project View
- Passport

Estimating and costing:
- Timberline

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