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There can be grace under pressure.

The pressure is on for maintenance and operations managers. Pressure to react. Pressure to perform. Pressure to save.
We'll help make sure you don't burst under the pressure.

Plant maintenance and operations managers are constantly asked to find ways to reduce costs while still getting the job done.

PSG will help you use automated systems to their fullest capability, carefully evaluate and implement cost savings opportunities and keep your staff focused on their core competencies - all while you keep up with the relentless demands of your daily job.

Together we can maximize the efficiency of your staff, reduce the cost of operating your facility and extend the life of your equipment.

Preventive/Predictive Programs
You're too busy putting out fires to be able to prevent them. PSG can help you plan, develop, implement and manage a customized preventive/predictive maintenance program, allowing you to gradually transition from fighting fires to preventing them from happening in the first place.

With PSG, you'll get from failure correction to failure prevention. It can save millions of dollars. It could even save lives.

Maintenance Cost Reduction Program
Using scatter charts to plot potential savings against risks, we'll help you identify and prioritize your cost savings opportunities, helping you grab all of the low hanging fruit quickly while carefully evaluating and planning larger initiatives.

Materials Management
Electronic bills of materials (BOMs) support maintenance planning, outage planning, procurement and engineering configuration control. Cost benefit analysis of BOM programs demonstrates the near immediate advantages for facilities with extensive capital equipment. Further, the programs support objectives driven by regulatory requirements, safety concerns, support of emergent work and plant engineering.

PSG's experts have implemented innovative solutions for supporting plant material needs. Our services include:

multi-level BOM project planning and implementation
cost-benefit analysis
production planning
funding presentations
procedure modifications
fixed price BOM production
- parts list
- stocking recommendations
- end use suitability
- equivalency evaluations
- alternate replacements engineering evaluations
- commercial grade dedications
performance monitoring
outage support

Maintenance Management Systems
The demands of operating a cost-effective maintenance organization are growing every day. The challenges range from the implementation of rules, regulations and guidelines to tightening of budgets due to increased competition.

In order to meet these needs, maintenance managers must continue to transition from reactive, failure correction posture to proactive, failure prevention modes of operation. Maintenance policies, processes and procedures must ensure both safety and reliability while providing for a cost-effective maintenance program.

Our experts provide:

Maintenance Work Process Assessments
Performing in-depth cost and technical analysis of the effectiveness of your current processes, techniques and tools.

Scheduled Maintenance Program
Developing a comprehensive preventive and predictive maintenance program or reviewing your existing program to optimize the tasks being performed.

Maintenance Procedures
Providing usable, readable and workable procedures and incorporating the latest in procedure development techniques.

Spare Parts Program
Assessing the maintenance program and work backlog to identify improvements in spare parts inventories.

Maintenance Management System
Providing systems to support the tracking, scheduling, performance history and prioritization of maintenance activities.

Staff Support
Providing specialized resources where and when you need them the most.

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