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Providing exactly what you need, right when you need it.

No organization can keep an entire team of specialists on staff, waiting for a project that requires their exact skill set. Except us. Count on PSG to provide the services and service you need.

Today's market demands innovation, precision and agility. And, of course, the utmost efficiency at all times. Project needs and workloads vary, and most organizations can't afford to retain highly skilled professionals "just in case." Quickly locating and engaging diverse specialized project resources on demand is the solution.

PSG provides specialized professional services in the private and public sectors. We offer a full range of consulting, maintenance and project support services that will help you solve your project problems in the most efficient manner possible.

True success is achieved only when all benefit

Is it possible to simultaneously achieve the interests of all those involved? We do it every day. PSG sits among stakeholders with varying interests - owners, clients, contractors, our resources, the government, and so on. We understand that everyone must benefit for our business to be successful.

Based on this, PSG works closely with our clients, employees and contractors to develop an approach to each project that will meet the needs of all involved.

PSG provides both traditional consulting and staff support services, from quick-turnaround tasks to long-term on-site program management or support services.

PSG offers services such as construction management, program and project management, cost engineering, planning and scheduling for a wide range of project types. We also provide insurance services including valuations, adjustments and business interruption analysis. In addition, PSG offers highly specialized services such as outage management, customized maintenance services and business process re-engineering.

Business support services include traditional project management, proactive cost and schedule management and claims management, as well as assessment of how an organization can efficiently and effectively adjust to improve overall results including management structure, organizational positions, business decisions, processes, production, and marketing and sales.

Our people
PSG continues to provide "better service by providing better people." In engaging well-qualified people doing exactly what they want to be doing, it's unavoidable that we also provide enhanced service.

PSG's professionals have from 5 to 40 years of experience, have or can get security clearances, are willing to travel or work unusual schedules, and can immediately engage on your projects using a sophisticated software application without the need to bring them up to speed.

Our people are committed, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and reliable. They have undergraduate and advanced degrees, certifications and specialized training. This variety allows PSG to provide a "fits just right" solution to any project need.

Whatever your project needs, our people will fit right in with your team. They'll fit right in working from our office, at your office or at a remote project site. They'll fit right in at the conference table or in the board room. They'll be an as-needed extension of your project staff, whether it's a 2-week consulting assignment or a 2-year staff support need.

Our clients
PSG's clients are people just like you, working in organizations just like yours. What's shared among our clients is their need to maximize efficiency while also achieving their own or their clients' goals.

We've worked with many of the top 100 ENR companies and many federal, state and local government agencies.

Our federal clients include the DoD, DOE, GSA, FEMA, USACE and others. Private sector clients include property owners, managers and developers; and contractors serving various industries such as government, power, telecommunications, transportation, water, environmental, commercial, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, hotel and insurance.

PSG's history
PSG was founded in 2003 to meet the ever-increasing demand for specialized professional services in the private and public sectors. Headquartered in metro Atlanta, we provide services in any location our clients have a need.

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