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Because it's not just building…it's business.

Wouldn't it be nice if your next construction project was trouble-free? With PSG, it is possible.

It takes a lot more than "on time and on budget" to meet the needs of today's sophisticated owners and investors. You also need to be "dispute free" and "injury free," among other things. So do your subcontractors and vendors. The list of requirements is long, aggressive and challenging, but achievable.

No matter what type or size your capital project is, one of the best tools you can use is a skilled construction manager who knows the business side as well as the building side. Engaging external construction management services isn't simply for the overwhelmed or understaffed. It's for those who want efficiency, simplicity, accuracy and reliability. It's for those who know that meeting their project goals isn't optional.

PSG's construction managers plan, direct and coordinate a wide variety of construction projects, including all types of residential, commercial and industrial structures; roads, bridges and dams; power plants and water treatment plants; and schools and hospitals.

Our staff are experienced, intelligent, creative, problem-solving professionals who will improve your bottom line (and probably your blood pressure, too).

Customized level of service
With PSG, you control the level of our involvement, and yours. Once you decide how much or little you will do, we'll do the rest.

Many of our clients want to run things themselves - but there's too much for them to do alone, so they bring us on for assistance.

Some of our clients want to be an integral part of the design and construction process. They want an open team relationship where they actively participate in selecting a design firm and a construction firm, as well as top-tier subcontracting firms.

Other clients hire us to run things for them, being fully responsible for making sure their goals are met. They want to remain involved only at a very high level, staying out of the smaller details and relying on us to deliver for them.

And believe it or not, some of our clients are construction managers themselves! We provide consulting and staff support services to construction management firms during periods of peak workloads or to staff large, complex projects.

Whether you're on one end or the other, or anywhere in between, PSG will provide exactly what you need, right when you need it. We can even vary the level of our involvement to coincide with other projects you have going on.

Types of Services
PSG offers professional construction management services that are tailored to the size and complexity of your project – and backed by a corporate commitment to your satisfaction and total quality management.

We can oversee an entire project or just part of a project. We can schedule and coordinate the design process, and manage the selection, hiring and oversight of specialty contractors. We work with owners, engineers, architects and any others involved in the construction process.

PSG offers assistance in any and all project phases:

- site analysis and selection
- preliminary budgeting and scheduling
- implementation of information and reporting systems
- development of bid documents

- design review
- construction technique analysis
- life-cycle cost analysis
- detailed design scheduling
- cost estimating at every design phase

- determining labor requirements
- selection of general contractor and specialty trade subcontractors
- conducting pre-bid conferences
- evaluating and comparing bids

- permits and licenses
- code compliance
- budget and schedule adherence
- safety
- quality control
- progress reporting
- project controls
- purchase of building materials
- subcontractor management

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