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Specialists for your internal or external projects.

Needing specialized resources is a good problem to have.
Don't wait for it to become a bad problem before engaging a professional services firm you can count on for results.

The nature of consulting services is much like a volume button – you can turn it up when you want or need to, and you can turn it down (or even mute it altogether) at other times. The bottom line is that you control it, completely.

The decision to engage a consulting firm for professional services can be made for many reasons:

you've been assigned multiple simultaneous projects, quickly creating a backlog.

project scopes that include services outside of your staff's area of expertise, requiring a particular skill set and knowledge base that you simply don't have.

unforeseen schedule changes cause overlaps in required skill sets that must be addressed in order to avoid extensions and delays.

in-house staff are too busy to get to the projects on the "back burner".

you're looking for a fresh approach to compare to your existing practices.

We provide consulting services to clients of all shapes and sizes, with dynamic and complex project requirements. Our staff enjoy working on demanding and complicated projects, and enjoy seeing the positive results of their projects, not just the completion of the required tasks.

Whether you need us to jump into an ongoing project to supplement your existing team or independently take on a special project so your team can stay focused on other priorities, PSG's consulting services are always adapted to your specific needs.

Specialized skill sets
PSG's professionals not only understand how to help you throughout your project, but also understand how to help you throughout your organization and throughout your industry. Our consultants will complement and complete your project team, not compete with those on the team.

PSG has management and technical consultants at all levels that possess the exact experience, skills, education, licenses and certifications to meet your needs. We have who and what you need. Yes, even you.

Project-based consulting
Sometimes projects pile up. Whether it's a high visibility project for an important client, an ongoing side project that you've been meaning to get to for a long time, or a strategic corporate initiative that is out of your staff's area of expertise, PSG can help.

We can help complete your projects to your specifications or those of your clients. We can help you keep up with schedule demands. And we can help you achieve the required and expected results.

The service behind the services
PSG provides our clients with a very valuable service. Starting with our account managers and contracting professionals, through to the management and technical consultants assigned to your projects, our sole focus is on meeting your expectations and needs.

With appropriate communication, clearly stated goals and objectives, and an exceptional level of talent applied to your projects, success is unavoidable.

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