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The best claim is
no claim.

Disputes happen. When the time comes, we'll help you resolve them. But we'd rather help you learn to avoid them altogether.

Did you hear about the judge who sued his dry cleaners for $54 million because they lost his pants? Ultimately, the case was dismissed. But the legal battle - because of the "Satisfaction Guaranteed" sign displayed in the store - cost the small business owners an estimated $100,000 in legal fees over the course of two years.

In every industry, for both government and commercial organizations, and on both large and small projects, disputes happen. It's important to note that many claims are perfectly legitimate, and that many can be quickly and successfully resolved with minimal and even no cost to the parties involved. The key to making this happen is the earliest possible detection of issues with a solid foundation of evidence to back up a claim.

PSG provides claims management services so our clients can focus on their core business. And, not surprisingly, that results in fewer claims.

Claims management begins early
Project management doesn't begin when a project is suddenly over budget or behind schedule. And claims management doesn't begin with a claim. It begins at the very inception of the project, in the request for proposal and contract phases. Contracts must be built to protect you, as well as those with whom you're contracting.

An organization that puts unreasonable restrictions on how you can protect yourself in the event of a dispute might be an organization you'd rather not work with at all. Enlisting PSG professionals in the earliest stages of a project will help things run as smoothly as possible, and prevent misunderstandings that can escalate and spiral out of control.

An ounce of prevention…
… can save you thousands - even millions - of dollars! We offer our clients thorough, customized training in claims avoidance. Based on your specific industry, applications, project and situation, we'll teach your staff how to minimize the likelihood of claims and keep your projects and programs on schedule and on budget for completion.

With proper training, your staff can proactively prepare you to confidently defend yourself against a claim or to prove entitlement in a claim on your behalf in an accelerated manner.

No project is perfect
Even a well managed project can encounter disputes. Site conditions may change. A schedule acceleration that sounds like a great accomplishment may cause materials procurement nightmares months later. Things like weather delays, on-site accidents, staff turnover, permitting backlog and good old-fashioned politics can quickly throw a project way off course.

PSG thoroughly and efficiently evaluates and investigates all types of environmental and construction claims to accurately identify the root cause of the issue, assist in assigning liability and calculate damages.

Based on your business objectives and desired outcome, we'll recommend a claims management strategy, and help you implement it and refine it along the way as needed.

PSG offers customized services for each client's particular needs and situation, including:

evidence management
expert witness reports/testimony
assistance with discovery
change order analysis
event reconstruction/cause of loss
alternative dispute resolution
calculation of damages
forensic analysis
claim preparation and evaluation
schedule analysis
records auditing
litigation support

When the potential for a complex claim arises, you need a knowledgeable and experienced team to hit the ground running. PSG's consultants have experience in your industry, using your applications, following your processes and working on projects just like yours.

With backgrounds in contract administration, construction, scheduling, cost estimating, project management, project controls, claims and litigation management, procurement, proposal development, negotiation, subcontractor management and accounting, our professionals are familiar with both common and not-so-common situations and requirements, and they'll tirelessly apply their expertise on your behalf.

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