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Because proceeding without it can cost so much.

Cost engineering is a lot like insurance - it's a bargain compared to the potential cost of not having it. It's never too early to engage PSG for scope development and cost estimating. Don't wait until it's too late.

Since everyone has mobile phones and PDAs that can send and receive calls, file attachments, pictures and both voice and text messages, is it still possible to not be on the same page as everyone else? Absolutely.

Every project has a scope and budget. And there are consequences if what's supposed to get done doesn't get done. The key to avoiding those consequences is proper scope and cost estimate development.

PSG's certified, skilled and experienced cost engineering professionals are ready to help. We'll make sure that what's in the scope is also in the budget. And that what's not in the budget isn't in the scope.

We have just the right people available for your projects - whether it's a multi-year, multi-billion dollar environmental or nuclear program or something a bit smaller like a parking garage.

Our professionals will bring value to you by saving time and money – and possibly even saving the day – during your projects.

Scope Development
Technical scope elements are outcome-oriented and must clearly identify the requirements of the project or task in order to define a measurable standard.

PSG's scope development techniques will help you determine what approach and resources are necessary to achieve all of your project's objectives. We can take the complex from confusing to crystal clear.

Ultimately, your scope documentation will set the stage for the entire project. It's never too early to begin. Even at the conceptual and feasibility stages of a project, PSG can help you:

accurately describe the work to be performed
specifically exclude certain work from your scope
identify, verify and justify assumptions
logically plan tasks, deliverables, milestones and resources
identify performance criteria
determine completion requirements
prepare appropriate backup documentation to supplement your scope documents

PSG's professionals also facilitate scope discussions and meetings in order to achieve consensus among the various stakeholders within your organization. We will help you thoroughly evaluate the approach to your project and possible alternatives in order to maximize the project's success. As a result, change orders – and the tremendous cost associated with them – will be minimized.

Cost Estimating
Whether it's from conceptual information or detailed final designs, PSG's careful and disciplined approach to estimating will help you make appropriate decisions throughout your project.

Our staff are experts in the technology involved, know and understand the type of project and costs, have worked on scores of similar projects, and are skilled in the appropriate methodologies.

PSG staff use state-of-the-art software to produce clear, concise cost estimates including Mii, MCACES, PACES, Excel, RACER, SUCCESS, RS Means, Timberline, WinEst, PC Cost, JOC Works, Access and DeCAT Pro. We have access to updated databases of costs for a wide range of environmental, construction, manufacturing, waste management and related applications. The reports we provide to you will include everything you need to proceed and succeed.

Our cost estimating staff are both specialists and generalists. In addition to their technical areas of expertise, they also have a firm grasp of business and economic concepts.

Much of the information cost estimators work with involves data that are approximate, yet the estimates they produce are required to be precise and justifiable. You can confidently rely on our professionals' service and the validity of the information they provide.

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