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Simpler does not mean
less effective.

In fact, we believe that the simpler something is, the better it is. It's cheaper. It's faster. It's easier to monitor, follow and repeat. And when the right time comes, it's easier to change.

We've all worked for an organization or department that seems to be running around in circles to perform the most routine tasks. Managers don't have what they need to make informed decisions and employees quickly get frustrated by the inefficiency. It takes its toll on the organization, and it takes its toll on the workers at all levels. It ultimately takes its toll on bottom-line results.

A small, understated organization can sometimes get away with complicated and inefficient processes resulting in multiple delays and inaccurate information. However, the more complex your business, organization and industry are, the simpler your processes need to be.

PSG helps large, complex organizations simplify their processes in order to amplify their results.

Business planning
Most organizations establish annual and long-range goals and objectives, but fail to establish the planning processes needed for success. PSG can help you develop an appropriate business planning process which integrates all elements necessary to establish goals, monitor progress and apply timely corrective action.

PSG's approach to business planning:

identifies critical success factors required to align with strategic goals.
identifies customer, competition and regulatory requirements to clearly establish:
   - objectives
   - performance indicators
   - targets
   - specific activities
deploys objectives, indicators and targets throughout the organization.
ensures improvement activities are focused on problems critical to success.
aligns resources with objectives and targets.
ensures follow-up, analysis and corrective action if objectives are not met.
implements process management and continuous improvement into everyday operations.

PSG can develop a customized comprehensive business planning process for you, or can examine your existing process to identify potential improvements and enhancements.

Budgeting and financial management
Most organizations have well-established budgeting and accounting processes which were initially designed to satisfy financial reporting requirements. Such processes frequently fail to provide management with the performance and cost information they need to manage or improve day-to-day operations.

PSG's experts focus on developing financial processes with easy-to-understand information about how and where money is being spent, and whether it's being spent appropriately or being wasted. Such realistic information aides management in developing and carrying out an action plan.

PSG provides:

• budget and accounting process development and assessment
• work breakdown structure/cost account development
• project/O&M budget baseline development
• project accounting and budgeting support
• cost analysis
• EVMS development

Procedure improvements
Increased competition demands optimum performance to ensure success. A vital link to optimum performance is technically sound procedures.

For example, in the power industry, there is an increasing emphasis on compliance that has forced many plants to thoroughly review their design and licensing basis documents. In addition, several plants have converted their original technical specifications to the improved standard technical specifications.

PSG can perform an evaluation of your plant's procedures to identify risks and areas where enhancements can most improve performance, or perform a complete procedure upgrade to the latest standards. We possess a unique combination of insight into design and regulatory compliance, with a broad background in operations and maintenance. We recognize the important issues that face the industry today and respond with innovative and proven solutions.

PSG provides all of the skills you'll need to implement a procedure upgrade effort. We can provide knowledgeable and experienced staff to perform the required reviews and prepare the procedures, or simply provide project management professionals who will work with your existing plant staff to develop high-quality procedures. Or, of course, we can provide both the technical and administrative staff so your team can remain focused on their day-to-day responsibilities.

Procedure services
To support safe and efficient O&M practices, PSG offers comprehensive procedure services including system operations, maintenance, administrative, technical, preventive and predictive maintenance and more. These services result in continuous improvements in overall facility operations and O&M cost efficiencies.

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